Wooden Games

For the classic wooden games, Schildkröt consistently uses wood from sustainable cultivation. The complete chain from the controlled cultivation to the processing factory is FSC certified and can be traced via the control number.

The famous classic game 4 in a row is now available in a sustainable wooden version from Schildkröt. For 2 players incl. 42 wooden chips in two different colors (21/21). The chips can be quickly removed from the playing field due to the rotatable but lockable construction. Whoever can place 4 chips in a row first, wins. Dimensions assembled: 40 x 25 x 29.5cm. Packed in carton box. more>>

An ancient Chinese classic game that Marco Polo once brought to Europe and which is still popular today. 28 domino stones in 13cm x 6cm x 1cm large format, made of natural FSC certified wood with black imprint. Practical storage and easy transport in a mesh bag with a drawstring. Including instructions. Packed in carton box. more>>

Schildkröt Cornhole (also know Bean Bag) is a funny leisure game which 2-4 players can join at the same time. Skill and accuracy are required. The 4 red and 4 blue bags filled with sand must be thrown into the hole in the playing platform (51.5 x 30 x 14cm). Hitting into the hole counts 3 points, hitting the platform counts 1 point. Including 2 boards. Made from FSC certified MDF wood. Packed in carton box. more>>

The popular garden game from Skandinavia, consisting of 1 King (30x7x7cm), 10 Kubbs (15x5x5cm), 6 throw sticks (30x3,5x3,5cm), 4 corner sticks, all of FSC certified pine wood, in a carton plus rules of the game. more>>

The large version of the popular play classic for garden, beach, park, consisting of 25 Mikado sticks (length 90cm), Ø 1,1cm, of FSC certified pinewood, in a reclosable net plus rules of the game. more>>

Wooden Ring toss game, consisting of 1 plug-together base(38x38x21cm) with 5 sturdy and scoring pegs of FSC certified pine wood, 5 toss rings of rope marked in different colours, in a carton plus instructions. more>>