Street Racket – Your street becomes a playing field!

Sport and activity have to happen spontaneously these days. Means, out of one’s doorstep into nature. What if racket sports could be immediately started on the road! If racket games could be played independent of tennis court or sports center. With the brand-new Street Racket Set every ground becomes a playing area, a sporting field directly on the doorstep.

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The new concept provides fast success and thus the perfect start up for racket sports. Without long distances, without initial hurdles related to level or partner of play and without sports grounds, it simply means take your racket and ball, mark with chalk, adhesive tape or other marks your playing field in a size as ever you want. (scaling, recommendation 6x2 m) and get started. With the combination of 2 wooden premium-rackets and 2 soft balls (diameter 7cm) the Street Racket Set offers beginners as experts, pure play fun. The trendy set will be delivered in a carry-bag with draw cord and streetmarking crayons. In the enclosed instruction booklet is to be found a description of all ideas around the game and of the versatile court-concept.

Street Racket is easy to learn and it provides different games and exercises for every fitness level. The game works right on one’s own doorstep, on the village square or with family or friends inside the own home. It can be used in short terms, in long terms or even in a competition. On one sight:

  • Street Racket offers everyone a chance to dive into the fascinating world of racket sports
  • Street Racket is very effective to save enormous costs in public healthcare, due to increased activities and movement in an urban environment
  • Street Racket uses existing spaces and infrastructures and is for this reason free of costs in use and distribution