Schildkröt products nominated for "Top 10 Toys"

In 2020, the Federal Association of Toy Retailers (BVS) was again looking for the best novelties in the world of toys and nominated them as "Top 10 Toys". Of course there were again products from Schildkröt that, as in previous years, were able to convince the jury!

The Schildkröt Fun Jumper is the big hopping fun for kids over 3 years old. Stand on the super soft foam block, hold on to the soft handles and jump what it takes! The squeaking noises at each jump add additional motivation. The handles provide a secure hold, the band of the jumper is flexible and therefore suitable for almost all sizes. It's great fun and trains children's coordination, balance and endurance at the same time. Maximum user weight: 50kg.

Those who prefer to take to the skies with Schildkröt are well advised with the new steering mat 1.3. This sport kite is a 2-line stunt kite without rods, which resembles a paraglider. This construction enables stable flight behavior, easy handling and flying is easy and quick to learn. The sail is constructed from light and robust ripstop polyester, which can also withstand beginners' falls. Thanks to the two polyester lines (25kp, 25m, on winder) with hand straps, the mat is always under optimal control and great flight maneuvers and tricks are possible. The 1.3 steering mat has the dimensions 125 x 25cm (or 0.69m²), generates only moderate tractive forces and is therefore suitable for pilots from 8 years.