Schildkröt lets the Kites fly

With a small but successful collection of pocket, stunt and sport kites, the Fun & Aqua specialist presents its new kite collection and once again extends the already existing, strong brand and article portfolio by another chapter.

The small, handy and spareless pocket kites by Schildkröt are ready to fly without assembling. With a carabiner and a belt loop attached to the small pocket the kite is the perfect companion when going for outdoor walks. The sail (45x32cm) is made of robust, but light ripstop polyester. The 20m long polyester leash (5kp) with a handle guarantees you flying joy at a wind strength of 6-28 km/h or 2-4 Bft.

Schildkröt is presenting its new stunt kites in sizes 133 and 140 for pilots 10 years and up. The kites' sails are made of robust ripstop polyester. The kite frame is made of unbreakable fiberglass rods, thus ensuring good flight properties and at the same time withstanding the first crashes with ease. The two polyester lines (25kp, 30m, on spools) enable great flight maneuvers and tricks. The ideal wind speed for the stunt kite 133 is 12-38 km / h or 3-5 Bft, for the 140 stunt kite 6-38km / h or 2-5 Bft. Both kites can be set up quickly and easily and are easy to transport and store thanks to the practical bag.

The brand new Schildkröt sport foil kites are 2-liners without sticks similar to a paraglider. This construction enables a stable flight behaviour which makes the kites easy to handle and quick to learn how it’s done. The sails are made of light but robust ripstop polyester which can stand some beginners’ crashes. The 2 polyester leashes (25kp, 25m, on winder) with hand loops give you control of the kites at all times. Cool maneuvers and tricks are possible. The ideal wind strength for the foil kites is 6-49 km/h or 3-6 Bft. They come packed in a practical bag so they are easy to store and transport.