Jazzminton Set available right now

Schildkröt Funsports presents with Jazzminton a new developed set with a very special sound, an accurate trajectory and an option to play at night. Whilst the ball’s bouncing, the rebound of the so called “birdies” effects a completely new game experience. The “birdie’s” rotation generates a sturdy trajectory, which makes Jazzminton fun for everyone. In the set are included various types of balls, which enable distances from 1,5 m to 10 m. Three different birdies offer all extras, like red feathers for beginners, yellow feathers for skilled players and orange feathers for playing at darkness. Equipped with a LED-light the birdie’s head lightens whilst the ball’s bouncing. Let’s start the indoor- or outdoor-playing without net or playing field-marks at any time! The  Jazzminon Set contains 2 wooden rackets, with non-slip and comfortable soft-handles, feel good in your hand.