Schildkröt-Funsports provides above all: Emotions. No matter if they are discs, neoprene balls, beach sets, diving rings or Boccia – the beach sport subsidiary of Schildkröt has everything that is fun in the summer!

No material is more suitable for the beach than neoprene. It is not only resistant to salt water, but it is also pleasantly soft and handy. Thus, neoprene balls protect the skin on your hands and feet, no matter if you are digging (volleyball) or playing in the sand (football) - the result is a lot less skin rashes and thus the ideal product for children! The product range of the beach sport brand by Schildkröt offers thus not only a diverse array of balls, but also diving gear and easy transportable sets, like discs of neoprene.

And with OgoSport, Slackers and with the new snorkel sets of Schildkröt, there are three very special highlights! Convince yourself and dive into the diversity of Schildkröt-Funsports!

Product News

Best manufacturer in 2018

The famous trade journal of the sporting goods industry SAZ Sport selects “The Best of the Sports Industry” every year. Therefore the SAZ asked 2.400 sport retailers to evaluate their suppliers in the


Slackers products got "spiel gut" recommendation

Our Slackers Slackline and the Tree Protector Kit was honoured with the *spiel gut* seal of approval. All toys, which fulfil special criterias and pass the field test with children receive such a seal


Jazzminton Set available right now

Schildkröt Funsports presents with Jazzminton a new developed set with a very special sound, an accurate trajectory and an option to play at night. Whilst the ball’s bouncing, the rebound of the so ca