Schildkröt Funsports Speeddisc Basic, Ø 25cm, 130g, Colors: blue and red, incl. Schildkröt Funsports logo. more>>

Soft neoprene ring, stable flight, Ø 24cm, weight 85g, neon-yellow / blue. more>>

Soft Neoprene Disc, slow-flight wing, ideal for children and shorter distances, Ø 30.5cm (neon-orange/blue). more>>


Aerobie ring (Ø 33cm), spectacular flights, technical and high quality construction, world record distance over the Niagara falls: 383m, holder of the Guiness World Record, stable and precise flights. more>>

Aerobie ring (Ø 25cm), flies enormously far, technical and high quality construction, stable and precise flight mode. more>>

Aerobie Boomerang - "It really comes back", easy-to-handle boomerang plus throwing instructions. more>>

Aerobie disc (Ø 25cm), very precise flight mode through the purpose-calculated profile, thus very stable in wind. more>>

Soft and flexible Aerobie disc (Ø 20cm), comfortable and easy to catch and throw, ideal for children, stable and precise flight mode through the purpose-calculated profile. more>>

The new Aerobie disc "Skylighter" (Ø 25,5cm). Spectacular throws are possible: At day and night! Very bright LED's are enlightening the whole disc. Not only single parts. Durable and changeable batteries (2 pcs. CR 2032). Long-distance and precision throws are possible. more>>

The new Aerobie competition disc - official size, Ø 27cm, 175g weight. Throw on, play harder and have more fun! A medal-ready Frisbee for the whole family. Color red, Aerobie print design in blue, packed in a single box. more>>