Speeddisc Ocean, Ø 25cm, 130g, Colors: blue and red, incl. Schildkröt logo. more>>

Soft neoprene ring, stable flight, Ø 24cm, weight 85g. more>>

Soft Neoprene Disc, slow-flight wing, ideal for children and shorter distances, Ø 30.5cm. more>>


Aerobie ring (Ø 33cm), spectacular flights, technical and high quality construction, world record distance over the Niagara falls: 383m, holder of the Guiness World Record, stable and precise flights. more>>

Aerobie ring (Ø 25cm), flies enormously far, technical and high quality construction, stable and precise flight mode. more>>

Aerobie Boomerang - "It really comes back", easy-to-handle boomerang plus throwing instructions. more>>

Aerobie disc (Ø 25cm), very precise flight mode through the purpose-calculated profile, thus very stable in wind. more>>

The new Aerobie competition disc - official size, Ø 27cm, 175g weight. Throw on, play harder and have more fun! A medal-ready Frisbee for the whole family. Color red, Aerobie print design in blue, packed in a single box. more>>

Aerobie Pocket Pro (Ø 6.3cm) made of elastic, durable and water-repellent TPE material fits in any pocket, can be taken anywhere and offers endless fun everywhere. The aerodynamic design allows safe and precise throwing for right- and left-handers (with indication of the throwing direction on the disc). Aerobie pocket pro has no sharp edges and is therefore also very suitable for children. Age recommendation: 5+. more>>

Disc Golf Starter Set, very easy and precise to throw. For a good feeling from the first throw. The set includes White Raven (7/6/-3/1): fairway driver for long distances, easy to play in any direction due to different throwing angles. Conquest (5/4/-2/1): Low profile midrange disc. Easy to grab, works great on backhand or forehand throws. Lockdown (3/3/0/2): Multi-purpose putter for precise lockdown, excellent wind stability. more>>

The Disc Golf Mini Basket Set consists of a mini-sized basket (height 70cm) and 5 mini discs. The balanced ratio of chains and discs ensures fun gameplay indoors and outdoors. Suitable for up to 5 players, not just for disc golfers. The objective of the game is to throw the mini disc into the basket with as few attempts as possible, improving your accuracy and precision. more>>