Tropical Collection

Flip in the water the new Schildkröt water bouncers in trendy retro design. Instead of flat stones, have fun with silicone-filled neoprene little pillows. Let the 3 „stones“ (about 55g, Ø 7cm) jump over the water at the lowest possible angle. They do not sink and can be used again and again. more>>

The diving game Catch tests your reaction speed under water!
With the net you have to try to catch the sinking weights in the water, but be aware: the 5 diving weights in different colours (about 100g, 70g, 45g / Ø 7cm) have 3 different scores. The weights with the higher score are heavier and sink faster. Act tactically and quickly in order to grab the maximum points. more>>

The new beach ball Tropical is designed in the latest trend colors. The neoprene material makes for a pleasant feel and makes the holding and catching of the ball much easier. The soft neoprene ball (about 200g / size 5, Ø ca.20cm) produces much less skin irritation than artificial leather balls and is perfect for playing in the water and is saltwater resistant. more>>

The Schildkröt disc Tropical is a throwing disc in tropical design. It offers great flight characteristics. Due to its low weight (75g, Ø 23cm) children can make their first attempts and have fun. The curved shape allows for easy catching and the surface of the disc provides a good grip. The throwing disc is saltwater resistant and dries very fast. more>>

The trendy set for every table tennis enthusiast in a cool tropical design. The table tennis set Spin comes with 2 bats (FSC wood) in good recreational quality, 2 table tennis balls and an adjustable table tennis net. A table tennis table is not required. The net can easily be assembled on almost any table (max. table thickness 4cm, max. table width 175cm).

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Beach & Garden

What would a child's birthday be without classic games like egg and spoon race? With the Egg & Spoon Race Set, Schildkröt presents the perfect equipment for up to five players. The colored spoons (19cm) and eggs (7,5 x 5,5cm) are made from recyclable plastic (PE, PP). If an egg falls to the ground this set (or game) guarantees no tears and delusions, but a surprise. - The egg pops up and a fried egg appears. Thus every player has fun with this game and, incidentally, skills, coordination and speed of the players are trained. A relay race can also be made with several players. more>>

The Schildkröt Balance Board is a great device for children over 4 years, which combines balance training with fun. The integrated ball labyrinth is an extra challenge and a source of motivation for kids of all ages. The training of body awareness and coordination happens along the way. The size of 45 x 30 x 4cm allows an easy and practical storage. The maximum user weight is 90kg. more>>

The jump rope is an absolute classic on the playground, sports field and in the garden, offering endless fun to kids since generations. The rope has a total length of 2.50 m. The handles ensure a firm hold. Through openings at the end of the handle, the size of the rope can be adjusted individually by knotting. A great training of coordination and endurance for all children. more>>

The Schildkröt Strike & Score game is a throwing game for children over 4 years. The goal is to hit the opponent with 3 soft balls per player in the marked target area of the vest, so that the balls stick. The two velcro vests are adjustable for every child size. The game is very well suited to learn throwing techniques and to increase aiming accuracy. more>>

The Schildkröt Fun Jumper is the big hopping fun for kids over 3 years old. Stand on the super soft foam block, hold on to the soft handles and jump what it takes! The squeaking noises at each jump add additional motivation. The handles provide a secure hold, the band of the jumper is flexible and therefore suitable for almost all sizes. It’s great fun and trains children’s coordination, balance and endurance at the same time. Maximum user weight: 50kg. more>>

Mini golf is one of the precision sports and requires in addition to skills a lot of concentration. The goal of the game is to hit the ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible. Every stroke counts as a point. The player with the lowest number of points wins. The fun version of Schildkröt enables even the youngest to learn this game and to practice skill, coordination and endurance. The lightweight plastic rackets are specially tailored to the needs of children from the age of 4. The balls are made of soft foam, which makes the set ideal for indoor use. Low risk of injury. The set contains: 2 rackets (72 cm), 2 balls (ø 4cm, 5g), 1 target circle. more>>

Croquet is a precision game that requires skill and concentration. The goal is to use the mallets to tap the balls through the course of wickets. The Schildkröt Soft Croquet Set is made of safe and soft foam, allowing even smaller children to play this classic game. The Schildkröt Soft Croquet Set comes with flexible freestanding wickets, which do not have to be fixed into the ground and allow playing the game also indoors. The set consists of 2 mallets (length approx. 60cm), 4 wickets and 2 balls (Ø approx. 5cm, weight: approx. 15g). more>>

The mini-kicker is the perfect fun for all ages on every occasion. Due to its compact design, it can be used anywhere (table, floor,  garden) and is easy to store. Its leight weight (1.75kg) allows the mini kicker to be taken anywhere. Score one goal after the other  with each of your team‘s 6 players (3 per kicker bar). With the score display bar you have the current score always in view. The fast game also trains hand-eye coordination and responsiveness. Age recommendation: 5+. more>>

The Schildkröt mini billiard is the perfect fun on every occasion and can be used versatile. Due to its compact size (50x30x9cm) and low weight (only 1.3kg), the table game can be transported and stowed away easily. The set includes a mini billiard table, 16 billiard balls (Ø 2.6cm), a triangle for arranging the balls and 2 cues (50cm). The holed balls are collected in the 6 plastic pockets and can be removed by using a practical sliding mechanism. Including instruction. Length /width/height 50cm x 30cm x 9cm. Age recommendation: 5+. more>>

A classic from South America, with a soft neoprene cover, trendy new design. more>>

2 neoprene catcher (Ø 17cm) adjustable strap, trendy print, velcro firmly stitched with the neoprene, 1 ball (Ø 6,25 cm), in a reclosable mesh bag. more>>

2 spare velcro balls for the neoprene Catch & Play set, one green-black, one yellow-black. more>>

Soft baseball bat (62cm, 200g), with neoprene cover, trendy new design, 1 soft baseball Ø 8,5cm. more>>

Let the penguins tumble, with the Schildkröt Soft Bowling Set great bowling fun is guaranteed. The soft foam toy figures are ideal for indoor and outdoor use and for small players from 3 years. Everything in a practical bag with zipper and shoulder strap. Very nice PoS presentation. Contents: 6 penguins 14cm, a ball ø 8,5cm, material: NBR, EVA. more>>

Neoprene skittle set of 3 x 2 skittles (height 21,5cm) and 1 bowl (Ø 9cm). Salt-water resistant neoprene makes the set a perfect game on the beach, in the garden, in parks and school yards etc. The set comes in a reclosable string net. more>>

The Schildkröt can toss game consists of 10 metal cans (6.5 x 10cm) with different, colourful smiley designs. The game is played with 3 red fabric bags (7 x 11cm) filled with granules. All players throw one after the other and have 3 attempts to clear all the cans. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. In colour box. Age recommendation 3+. more>>

New Roll Up Dart Set consisting of a roll-up velcro dart board, printed on both sides with different target fields (51cm x 41cm), incl. 2x3 Velcro balls (Ø 4cm) for 2 players. Very adhesive Velcro material. A rod is sewn in at the top and bottom to stabilize the disc. Easy to hang on a cord. The safe darts fun game for the whole family. Supplied rolled-up and space-saving in a box. more>>

Soft Dart set consisting of velcro dart disc, printed on both sides with different target fields (Ø 38cm), incl. 2x3 velcro balls (Ø4cm) for 2 players. A safety dart fun for the whole family. more>>

Already the warriors in ancient Japan carried those one-meter-long Katana swords. The new Schildkröt Katana Set consists of 2 soft swords (length 80cm, Ø 6cm). Due to the soft, shock absorption padding it is the perfect tool to release aggression and prevent violence. At the same time, it trains your body, mind and agility. more>>

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Schildkröt 3in1 game with double-sided printed, reversible playing rug (made of durable polyester fabric). On the front side is the classic checkerboard pattern for checkers, on the back Tic Tac Toe and 4 in a row can be played. The scope of play includes 12 red and 12 blue Jumbo game stones. Playing field dimensions: 66 x 66cm, easy to roll up and stow away. In colour box. Age recommendation: 4+. more>>

This new game set consists of two EVA boards (48 x 48 x 2.5cm) where 28 separated parts can be cut out of the boards and used to construct different courses and games. The EVA material is pleasantly soft and prevents injuries. Ideas for different games (such as aiming and throwing , parcours, balance and skill games) are included. It can be used indoors and/or outdoors. Comes in a handy mesh bag with zip for storage and easy transportation. Age recommendation: 5+. more>>

The Schildkröt Fire Blasters set consists of two different coloured foam ball popper guns, each holding 12 balls. The poppers are easy to use, quick to load and can fire up to several balls at a time. Indoor and outdoor fun for young and old. Hardly any risk of injury due to foam ammunition. Shooting distance up to 6 meters. Contents: 2 popper guns (40 x 15cm) and 12 orange and 12 blue foam balls (Ø 2.7cm). In colour box. Age recommendation: 6+. more>>

6 orange and 6 blue spare balls (Ø 2.7cm) made of foam for the Schildkröt Fire Blaster. In colour box. Age recommendation: 6+. more>>

The portable soccer goal has a plug system with metal poles and can be assembled into a goal of the dimensions 200cm x 100cm x 100cm in just a few simple steps. The net is pulled over the metal rods and a robust nylon seam prevents the net from ripping. The goal can be anchored in the ground with four metal hooks to protect against wind and for a better stability. Due to the innovative plug system, it can be stowed easily and in a space-saving manner. more>>

Convenient soccer goals (120 x 80cm x 80cm) for outdoor football. Built in seconds. The set includes two foldable football goals made of hard-wearing polyester with four ground hooks made of steel. Easy to transport in polyester carrying bag incl. instructions. more>>

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The Schildkröt folding soccer goal can be easily set up and dismantled just as quickly. With just 900g and a size of 90cm x 60cm x 60cm the soccer goal is practical and lightweight. The innovative folding technology makes it easy to store and save space. With the 4 included hooks it can be easily fixed to the grass and thus withstands firmer shots. more>>

Game of skill with variable throw and catch technique, consisting of 2 red and yellow plastic scoop ball bats (length 37cm) and 2 whiffle balls (diameter 8 cm) in reclosable meshbag with drawcord. more>>

The sporty fun game which enables to train motoric abilities, reaction and fitness, consisting of a plastic ball (19cm x 12cm), threaded onto 2 tear-proof plastic ropes (length 225 cm) with handles. more>>

New versatile fun -/ street - hockey set / floorball - set consisting of 2 hockey sticks out of robustly red plastic (length 110cm), 1 hallow plastic ball (similar to a floorball Ø 70mm), 1 soft ball out of foam (Ø 70mm), all packed in a net with a plastic hanger. The ideal companion for schoolyards, alleyways, sport grounds and halls. more>>

The funny Schildkröt toss game with a frog as target board (50cm x 31cm x 16cm) playfully trains children‘s aiming and throwing technique as well as hand-eye coordination. The frog can be easily set up with two plastic feet on its backside. Children feed the frog with the included flying discs (3x fly, 1x bee). In the target area, the wide open mouth of the frog, there are small sticks which hold the flies and the bee. Feed the frog and score. In a cardboard box. Age recommendation: 4+. more>>

The new way of skating! Two-wheel heel skates which you can walk, skate and glide with. Eye-catching flashing effect (no batteries) while skating, size adjustable to all shoe sizes. Strap on or take off in seconds. PU wheels, ABEC 5 ball bearing, max. 75kg body weight, comes with 1 pair of heel skaters, adjusting tool, fastening strap. more>>

The polypropylene (PP) pylon set consisting of 4 cones, is the perfect tool for the demarcation and marking of playtime road works, of driving courses and other types of obstacles during gym classes. The four traffic cones (height 23 cm, width 13 cm) are also perfectly suitable as an aid for teaching children about road safety. more>>

Diabolo Set made of elastic, red synthetic material, Ø 10cm, width: 11cm, weight: 110g, metal connection piece, 2 wooden sticks with a cord, in reclosable meshbag with drawcord, incl. instructions. more>>

The trendy fun sport with a unique easy-to-throw aerodynamic design, simultaneously trains throwing technique and coordination. Entirely made of foam rubber, howling as it flies through the air through 3 integrated whistles. Great throwing and catching accuracy. Possible width of more than 90 meters. more>>