The popular Schildkröt neoprene balls make a great impact with their soft textile surface, which produces significantly less skin irritation compared to other balls (for example for volleyball forearm passes or barefoot football matches). For children, the balls are particularly suitable due to their grip, which makes gripping and catching much easier. All neoprene balls are also good for playing in the water and they are even salt water resistant.

The Schildkröt Premium beach volleyball features an innovative textile surface with a catchy silicone print. Compared to other volleyballs, it features more non-slip properties, providing the player with maximum ball control. The soft mesh material allows for sensitive serving and spiking, making the ball significantly more comfortable, and causing less skin irritations. This Premium beach volleyball features a high-quality, 18-piece sewn ball casing, providing maximum flight characteristics. It is waterproof and fast-drying. Size 5. more>>

Neoprene Beach Volleyball, size 5, Ø 21cm, in three new assorted colors. more>>

Neoprene Beach Soccerball, size 5, Ø 21cm, in three new assorted colors. more>>

Neoprene Beach American Football, size 6, 26.5 x 15cm, two trendy new designs. more>>

The splash ball Watermelon is a must-have for your  beach vacation or your next trip to the lake. Throw the  splash ball with its perfect grip surface (about 105g, 27x17 cm) like a football through the air or over the water. Its great flight characteristics and refreshing design make the splash ball a real highlight. The ball also trains the eye-hand coordination. more>>

Mini Neoprene Beach Soccer, size 2, Ø 15cm, size 2 (Ø 15cm), ideal for children. more>>

Mini Neoprene Beach Volleyball, size 2, Ø 15cm, size 2 (Ø 15cm), ideal for small children‘s hands. more>>

Mini Neoprene American Football, Size 2, 16 x 10cm, ideal for small children‘s hands, trendy new design. more>>

One Mini-Neoprene beach volleyball (Ø 9cm), foam-filled, remains light and  bounces on the water surface) and 1 mini-neoprene American football (12x5cm), padded, sucks with water and becomes a water bomb, ideal for pool, sea, trendy new design. more>>

3 mini balls (Ø 5cm, 40g), made of neoprene, for throwing, catching, kicking; three new designs, filled with plastic granules (PE), high quality, double coating. more>>

Ball pump of synthetic material for leisure use with air host and 2 needles. more>>

Pressureless tennis balls, yellow with logo print, ideal for hobby play. Offers a reasonable rebound for initial play. more>>

3 Softballs (red, yellow, blue, Ø 7cm) made of PU foam with logo print. The versatile balls are ideal for beach tennis, beachball and many other games. more>>

One product, 3 balls, full action. The Schildkröt 3 in 1 Mini Ball Set combines 3 of the most popular ball sports in the world. Score a goal with our soccer ball, a touchdown with our football, or a three point shot with our basketball. The balls are great for training the coordination and learning throwing and catching techniques. The 3 small balls are light and soft (Ø 11cm, ca. 50 g) and therefore suitable for all age groups. Even in the water they provide a great fun. The hardness of the ball can be changed by inflating it (maximum air pressure 0.17 bar). Material: PVC. more>>